Frequently Asked Questions

The event tracking module allows Risk Management to analyze the cause of the risk and re-evaluate the mitigating controls and original impact and probability estimates.

CAREweb is fully compliant with Basel II sound practices and AMA requirements in addition to other regulatory requirements. To facilitate reporting to supervisory authorities, regulatory reports were pre-populated on CAREweb . As part of CAREweb annual support, any new reports requested by a supervisory authority are automatically added to the system with no additional charges.

A weight is assigned by the system to each risk depending on its relative importance, and the relevant parameters are easily configurable by Risk Management. These weights are not only useful in ranking risks in accordance with their level of importance, but they are relied upon in measuring the Entity's "Gap in the Control Environment"; one of CAREweb's unique features.

The "Diary module" is used to register all types of remedial actions, whether they relate to adding controls, enhancing existing controls or taking action to prevent the recurrence of loss events.

The same module is also used to track remedial actions raised by Internal Audit and Compliance.

A number of extremely useful tools are available on CAREweb to facilitate continuous monitoring. One of these tools is the Dashboard screen. This is designed to appear immediately upon logging into the system and provides - in graphical format - a summary of all the exceptions tracked by the system including; controls that are not working as intended, risks that are not controlled properly, delinquent remedial actions..etc. By clicking on the charts, a report is automatically generated with the details of all exceptions identified. The dashboard screen can be tailored to meet the user preferences and only reports data on the entities the user has access authority to.

Another tool that was recently introduced in CAREweb 5.0 is the notification screen, all types of exceptions are included in one location. The user can click on any exception and the system will automatically forward him to the relevant screen(s) where he can get more information and take action to rectify the situation.

Finally one of the most valuable monitoring tools is the Email Alert Module. This is used to send email alerts to the relevant officers as soon as a predefined exception is tracked. The module allows for up to 3 escalations and the system administrator can define the frequency of alerts, the parties to be ccd and Bccd and can even adjust the language in the body of the email.

Yes, this can be conducted in two different modules. The first, is the Loss Predication module. Using this module, the historical loss data on CAREweb Event Tracking module is relied upon to estimate the expected Operational Losses in the coming year in accordance with different scenarios/assumptions determined by the user.

The second is the Diary (remedial action) module; which allows the user to study the impact of suggested remedial action on the control environment

Yes; the Risk Database created by CAREweb can be used as the primary source of data for Internal Audit planning and execution; in addition, CAREweb allows a fully "risk based" Internal Audit approach to be adopted.

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